Shampoo Filling Machines

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    Fully Automatic Volumetric Four Heads and Six Heads Liquid Bottle Filling Machine. Automatic bottle filling machine is suitable for filling products like Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Cosmetics, Beverages etc. in Flat/Oval/Square/Round shaped products having PET, Plastic, HDPE, LDPE, Glass or any other surface.


    * All contact parts and syringes of the automatic liquid bottle filling machine are made from S.S 316 Material
    * No Container No Fill system
    * With Built In Turn Table
    * The liquid bottle filling machine has fully Stainless Steel Finish
    * Compact Design
    * Diving type Filling Nozzles
    * Very High Fill Accuracy of ± 1% in Single Dose

  • Salient Features:
    * All contact parts are s.s 316
    * Outside covering s.s 304
    * Jacketed hopper will provided (optional)
    * GMP model